CapTel phones are no cost to any Veteran with a VA certification on the enclosed Hearing Loss certification forms. As long as the Veteran has high speed internet and a phone line or a just a Land line phone service. Once the form is signed and submitted, we will call or email and arrange to walk through the install and set up.  We explain the phone even though we’re told it is very easy to use. There is no cost for any equipment, installation, the service itself, ongoing 24/7 customer service and repairs when needed.  


The program is paid through a federal grant, created under 'The American with Disabilities Act'. Unlike individual state programs, this is a national, federally funded program. All Veterans with a hearing loss are entitled to a CapTel phone, and it costs the VA nothing, requires no follow up, and they will normally get the phone within a week. 


VA personnel who are eligible to sign (certify) the forms include:  American Legion Officer or Veteran's Service Officer, DAV/VFW Commander,  a Information and Referral Specialist (I&R Specialist), any Audiologist or doctor within the VA. Vocational Rehabilitation Official, Military Veteran Center Counselor (VA Social Worker, VA Occupational Therapist), And any civilian doctor or hearing specialist/nurse is acceptable as well. They simply fill out the bottom portion of certificate, sign and date. 

They can call or fax or email me the form. 


As the Outreach Representative for CapTel Caption Telephones, I oversee the marketing, installations, and operations of CapTel caption phones.  I work with many of the VA Hospitals, Veteran County Service Offices, and VA Clinics. Though my job covers the general public, helping our deserving Veterans communicate better is always a priority for me. My goal this year is to make CapTel phones more easily accessible and available to ALL Veterans in Georgia, and North Carolina.  


If there is a staff meeting or time coming up when I could present CapTel, my presentation can be as quick as ten minutes via zoom or online platform of choice or live. Please call or email or text me. 


CapTel phones help reduce feelings of isolation and increase communication. They have made and continue to make a big difference in people's lives. With the extra isolation due to Covid-19 & suicide rates rising it is more crucial than ever.  Please sign these forms for your Veterans. 



Thank you,   

Diana Centofanti​   
Hearing Resource, Outreach & Education 
for CapTel Captioned phones
678-646-7374/ F 1-877-605-2027

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